The Gospel of Mark 6

Monday July 6, 2020

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People knew a God who was so high and holy, and then this person (Jesus) lands on the scene saying he is Almighty God. It didn’t make sense to their human minds. They couldn’t fathom it, even though he taught and did miracles with such power and authority. They could see the physical evidence, and I’m sure it made them really question, but this was so completely hard and impossible for their minds to grasp.

Faith is a gift from God. God must open your eyes, and he has to open your heart.

We can’t judge people because of unbelief. We just need to pray their eyes are opened.

WOW, what a challenge for everyone today!

Share Your Thoughts:

You received the gift of awakening by God’s grace and others still need this same gift. What are you doing about it?

Do you find it is easier to judge unbelievers or pray they receive faith by grace?

How can we foster a culture at OxNaz that recognizes the urgency to pray for grace for awakening?

May you find encouragement in your calling to pray for a great move of God’s grace today <3