Defeating Giants Series

The story of David and Goliath is one of the most epic battle stories of all time. In this five-part series ‘Defeating Giants’ you will learn from David how to defeat the giants in your life… so join in, and get ready for Goliath to fall!

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Step One: Know Your Enemy

In this first message in our ‘Defeating Giants’ series we are going to look at five tactics the enemy uses against you in battle. Your giant might not look like Goliath but knowing how he works is an important first step toward victory!

Step Two: Know The Math

“Defeating Giants” It’s something we all wish we could do, because we face them every day. So, how did David do it? For one, he could see what no one else could. What was that? Listen in and find out! This message is entitled, “Step Two: Know the Math”! Jodi Pastor Jodi and learn how to become a Giant-Slayer 😊

Step 3: Know Your Purpose!

Do you every wonder why things have happened or are happening to you? Wonder what God is doing in your life? Join us today for this third message in our “Defeating Giants” series. Get ready to rise up from the ashes of defeat, embrace God’s purposes for your life, and have his glory made known through you!

Step 4: Know Why The Giant Falls.

In this message Pastor Jodi will look at ‘why’ David was sure that Goliath would be defeated and why that holds true for your giants too. This is a ‘good news’ message for everyone facing battles today

Series Finale

Join Pastors Jodi and Tonya for a live interview and powerful conclusion to the “Defeating Giants’ Series. We pray that God has touched your life and built your faith these pasts weeks. We pray that you experience victory in Jesus name.