In this series Pastor Jodi helps you understand emotional integrity and how vital it is to being an emotionally healthy Christian. She exposes the lies and shame that have pulled you down for too long in her opening message followed by a raw and vulnerable sermon on her own journey with anxiety. She also tackles difficult topics such as depression and failure. If you are struggling emotionally follow this series and with Christ, begin your healing journey today.

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Part One : Emotional Integrity


Part Two :


Part Three : Anxiety

Pastor Jodi shares her journey with anxiety and answers the often-asked question “Is anxiety a sin?” Join us for the third session in our emotions series.

Part Four : Anxiety Part 2


Part Five : Depression & Failure

Pastor Jodi wraps up the ‘Emotions” Series by looking at depression and failure. She provides five practical tips for getting things back on track post-failure. Send us your feedback, prayer requests, and thoughts by private message anytime.