Letting Go – The Pathway to Breakthrough

We’ve all got stuff that we should leave in 2022, let it go, and embrace breakthrough in 2023 with both hands! In our new series “Letting Go…

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Part One: From Failure to Forgiveness

he Pathway to Breakthrough” Pastor Jodi opens with a challenge to ‘Faith Pivot’—from failure to forgiveness. To get the downloadable resource click the LINK

Part Two: From Doubt to Trust

Invisible walls—you can’t see them, but you feel them; you know they are there. They keep you from your destiny in Christ. Pastor Jodi gives a passionate plea for you to let go of doubt, trust in Christ and embrace the power of God to breakthrough the walls in your life. Listen in for part two in our series “Letting Go! The Pathway to Breakthrough”

Finale: Releasing Everything, Breaking Through!

It’s time to let go and let God! IT’S TIME FOR BREAKTHROUGH! As you join Pastor Jodi for this final message in the New Year’s series open your heart to heart what the Spirit is saying—respond and embrace all God has for you in 2023 and beyond.