Live Like It Series

James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” The “Live Like It” series is centered around the core idea that we need to put all that we have heard and learned from God’s Word into practice. To hear truth and to walk away without applying it, is full out deception—what James calls ‘dead-faith’. I hope and pray that a living, vibrant faith in Jesus will grow and flourish as you participate in these daily devotionals. May we all seek to be obedient followers of Christ who walk the walk, shining brightly for the Jesus we love!

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Part One: Think Like It

How important is your thought life? Do your thoughts REALLY matter? Find out, and learn five practical steps you can take to transform your thinking! Join Pastor Jodi for this first message in the ‘Live Like It’ Series. This series will help you move from ‘knowing’ the right things to ‘doing them’… putting your faith into action! No more taking the talk, it is time to truly walk the walk!

Part Two: Talk Like It

Have you ever been really hurt by words? Do your words REALLY matter to God and if so, how can you get control of your tongue? We explore these questions and more in this message entitled “Talk Like It”.

Part Three: Give Like It

When it comes to the topic of giving you might be tempted to scroll on by, but wait! Could we encourage you to listen in today as Pastor Jodi tackles this sometimes undesirable topic and shares her personal journey of faith and giving? We will explore if giving matters to God and three important benefits that come from our generosity and faithfulness!

Part Four: Act Like It

We all know that actions speak louder that words! If your actions speak, what are they saying? Join Pastor Jodi for this message that examines the importance of faith and works. Get ready to put your faith into action!

Part Five: Why Should I?

Pastor Jodi wraps the ‘Live Like It’ message series today by asking ‘Why Should I?” She speaks truth about your identity and purpose reminding you that you are a child of God, created to shine, reflect, and magnify his glory!