In this series Pastor Jodi helps you to explore what your ultimate life is. She helps define what an ultimate life is all about, building on three core truths. She then dives deeper into how to begin living this way, how to make changes, and establish the ‘new things’ God is calling you to. The closing message addresses how to stop the behaviours that are keeping you from being who you were created to be. Listen and embrace the ultimate life you were created for!

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Part One

We want you to live your ultimate life in 2021! Join Pastor Jodi today for three foundational truths and a challenge to take the first step in living the life you were created for.

Part Two

Pastor Jodi shares 2 incredible stories to inspire you to start small, avoid the common pitfalls, and with God’s help make the changes you desire to become who you were made to be.

Final Part

Do you have a bad habit that you want to overcome? This is your time! Join Pastor Jodi in the series finale for three steps to break bad habits. Reach out with questions, comments, or prayer needs anytime.