Love God and Love People Series

Will you join us in this four-part series as we reach higher and dig deeper into what these commands are all about? Would you allow God to transform your heart and equip you to truly… Love God and Love People ❤

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Part One: Let’s Not Drop The Ball!

Jesus boiled down our entire faith to two simple commands… Love God, Love People! This is His will and His heart for all who follow him. Have ‘Christians’ always gotten it right? No! Should we give up? Absolutely not! Let’s not drop the ball on this call to love; instead, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Part Two: Put Your Love to the Test

Jesus commanded us to love AS HE LOVED. He set the example for how we are to love one another.

Imagine what would happen if we did! Imagine what kind of world it would be! Join Pastor Jodi today as she examines the way Jesus loved and then challenges you to ‘Put Your Love to the Test’!

Part Three: The Difficulty of Love

Do you find it difficult to love sometimes? Why and what can you do about it? Join Pastor Jodi today as she tackles these questions and more. Discover two things that are key to love!

Part Four: Take the Next Step in Love

Are you growing in love? If not, it is time to get out of the rut! In the final message in our ‘Love God, Love People’ Series pastor Jodi pours out her heart sharing three truths about love and offering you one thing you must remember…then ends with a call to “Take The Next Step In Love”. Get ready!!