Minor Prophets, Major Messages

Pastor Jodi is launching a new series entitled, “Minor Prophets, Major Messages”.

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Part One : The book of Hosea

 In this first message she unpacks the message of Hosea exploring the concepts of unfaithfulness, spiritual prostitution, and the Hebrew concept of knowing God. We hope you will be inspired, challenged, and make plans to follow the series with us!

Part Two : The book of Joel

The “Major Message” from the “Minor Prophet” Joel is an announcement of coming judgment! Join Pastor Jodi today for this important message about the Rapture of the Church, the Second Coming of Christ, the Battle of Armageddon, and the ‘Day of the Lord’! God judgment is near at hand, but His provision for your escape from that judgment is available today! Will you believe, receive, and be saved?

Part Three : The book of Amos

Is this right? Is that wrong? Who ultimately decides? What determines ? These questions and more are addressed in this Major Message from the Minor Prophet, Amos! Today, God is calling forth modern day Amos’s and just maybe that is YOU! Join Pastor Jodi for this timely message from the Book of Amos!

Part Four : The book of Obadiah

The book of Obadiah serves as a warning that God will hold you accountable for how you treat others, and for how you treat Israel! Join Pastor Jodi today for this timeless message on family rivalry, love for others, and ending with a look at Bible prophecy concerning the land of Israel.