No Longer Series

In this series, Pastor Leah challenges our ideas of bondage, fear and religion. We ‘no longer’ have to live a life with any of those in it. Find out how by listening to this 3-part series of short messages. 

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Part One : No Longer Slaves

 Even as a “free” person, do you ever feel as though you are in bondage to something? There is a way to freedom paved for us by one greater than Moses. Hear as Pastor Leah takes us down the path of the “Underground Railway” and on to eternal freedom!

Part Two : No Longer Slaves to Fear

We wrestle with some pretty big fears in this life! But, join Pastor Leah as she shows us some examples from the New Testament on how our biggest fears diminish in the presence of Christ!

Part Three : No Longer Slaves to Religion

We are saved from bondage and fear for so much more than religious duty! We are set free to have a vibrant relationship with the Lord of all! Join Pastor Leah for this series wrap as she challenges us to look at religion in a new way.