Pray Like a King Series

Does your prayer life feel a little lack-lustre? Boring? Rote? Are you ready to fire it up a notch? Join Pastor Jodi as she explores explores some of King David’s boldest and most authentic prayers and you too can learn to “Pray Like A King”! Buckle up!!

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Part One : Psalm 139: 23-24

This might be one of the bravest prayers ever prayed. King David shows a willingness to really be examined and known. Are you ready to stop hiding, running, and avoiding? Will you embrace a bold prayer like this? It can lead you into places unknown… only the brave should listen in…

Part Two : Psalm 27:4

King David’s prayer reveals his heart and points us to a powerful truth that, when grasped, can change everything! What is this all about? Join Pastor Jodi and find out… if you dare!!

Part Three : Psalm 19:14

Do you ever struggle with words? Lies, gossip, deceptions, flattery, profanity… Your words matter! Words hold the power of life and death and what’s more, words are a clear indicator of what is in your heart.

King David prayed for his words and his heart to be pleasing and acceptable to God…a prayer we all need to pray!