Questions Jesus Asked Series

Today we begin a brand new series, “Questions Jesus Asked”.

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Part One: Do You Know Me?

“Questions Jesus Asked”. In this first message entitled “Do You Know Me?” you will explore the identity of Jesus and learn how He wants to reveal himself to you right smack in the place of your greatest need! Things are about to change… great ready!

Part Two: Do You Believe Me?

Do you believe? This ‘Question Jesus Asked’ uncovers and exposes the authenticity of your faith, but it can guide you, if you are willing, to a level of belief where ‘nothing will be impossible for you’! Are you ready to go there? Join Pastor today for this challenging investigation of faith and belief.

Part Three: Do you TRUST me?

Is worry unavoidable? Inevitable? You might be surprised by what causes worry! In this sermon entitled “Do You Trust Me” Pastor Jodi shares what Jesus taught about worry and provides six questions to help you uncover why YOU tend to worry. You will be encouraged to grow you ‘little faith’ and fully trust Jesus!

Part Four: Do You Love Me?

What does Jesus expect from you? Is it possible to live up to it? Join Pastor Jodi today as she explores these questions and more in this message entitled “Do you love me?” Learn what Jesus’ love language is and how your actions demonstrate your love.

Part Five – Do you want me?

Imagine if Jesus showed up and asked you, “What do you want me to do for you?” WOW! What might you say?? What if I told you there was a single word he IS saying you, and it is EVEN BETTER? Interested?