The Gospel of Mark 11

Saturday July 11, 2020

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Today we think about the resurrection of Jesus. He literally died and rose from the dead and is with us now. HERE… with me. THERE… with you.  How does that affect you?

Can you imagine how hard it was for his followers to watch him in those last days where he was beaten and crucified?  Can you imagine them then seeing him risen from the dead and walking around? 

It was because they had witnessed his resurrection and him conquer death that they had the fearlessness and were emboldened to follow him. That same resurrection power that filled them, fills his followers today.

Do you really believe? How does that change the way you live your life? How should that change the way you live?

Francis closes off sharing his love for the Word, and how it speaks and brings new life as it comes alive for the reader.  As we end this time together, pray that God would give you a greater hunger for his word, and for the discipline to spend time in it each day.