Hands Off

by | Friday July 10, 2020 | 7 comments

After you see my sermon coming up on July 12 you may find yourself thinking, “But Pastor Tyler, are we not called to take up our cross and follow Him? Implying that we need to be on the move for God? Working for God? And Tyler, you know that there are troubles along the road that will need to be dealt with right?” I would reply that you are correct. Indeed it is what I’m trying to show obedience in doing right now. But there is a huge part of walking with God that if missed, the Bible shows it could prove to be fatal.

I was reading in a daily devotional “Streams in the Desert” 4 days ago, the July 6 entry “A life was lost in Israel because a pair of human hands were laid unbidden upon the ark of God”. Some of you know the story. Israel was moving the Ark of the Lord. Now, keep in mind that the Lord did not permit people to touch the ark under punishment of death. The cart that the ark was placed on, being pulled along by oxen, lurched and one poor fellow thought he should make sure the ark did not fall. Seems like a noble thing to do until you realize that by taking it upon himself to steady the ark, he showed that he did not think God was powerful enough to keep it there. The Bible says he died right there beside the ark. 

Some of the troubles that we are struggling with, some of the troubles on the horizon still to come, do not need US to deal with them. As a matter of fact, not only do those problems not need us, they are not MEANT for us to deal with! Perhaps we think we can deal with the issues just as well as God can, perhaps we think we could do it better? The point is, some problems require us to keep our hands off!

In conclusion, when we see a problem/crises/giant coming our way, our first response, indeed the best thing we could possibly do, is “be still”. Seek to hear from God through our knowledge of scripture, prayer, and/or asking a trusted friend (preferably someone wiser in scripture than ourselves).


  1. Danielle

    Yes sometimes we should just be still. We should be still and think things through before we do them.

    • Peculiar Ploughman

      Think and pray Danielle. Excellent comment!

  2. Anonymous

    Your devotional sounds like it has some great thoughts. Where did you get it? I think I would like to read it myself.

    • Peculiar Ploughman

      The one I quoted from is called “Streams in the Desert” by: Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman. The version I have was published in 1940 and I got it from my church library. I don’t know if you’ll be able to find that version but perhaps book stores have a newer version of the book.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll look in to that, thanks

  3. Barb B

    Be still…….. excellent message all by itself! And as Danielle commented, think (and pray) things through before you act (or react)! ❤️

    • Peculiar Ploughman

      Amen Barb B!