The Gospel of Mark 1

Monday June 29, 2020 | 6 comments

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Imagine that moment when John baptised Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit all showed up to recognize Jesus, “fully person” was alive – ON EARTH!!

He was here on a mission and with a purpose that changes everything for you.

Allow this to bring fresh JOY to you today. Allow that joy to overshadow the struggles you are going through.

Ask God to help you in this devotional journey through Mark’s gospel to come alive in you in fresh ways.

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How does it land on you when you really consider God became flesh?

Do you recognize how this is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD NEWS!!



    Loved it

    • Laura R Murray


      • Jodi Getson

        Glad you got on ok Rozella <3

  2. Joanne Smith

    Good News!Good News! Looking forward to journey

  3. Lindsay Leyva

    How amazing for John to baptize his Creator! I never really thought of it that way.

  4. Verna Mattinson

    I love his passion for reminding me just how awesome the Good News really is!!