The Gospel of Mark 2

Tuesday June 30, 2020 | 2 comments

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When Jesus called people to “follow,” he wasn’t asking them to follow some code of conduct or morality as Francis puts it, but he was calling them to follow him – a person. He demonstrated his authority and power. He declared the kingdom was at hand. He called people to follow him and to join him on his mission.

Think about what/who you are following today. Ponder about how you understand your ‘calling’ as a believer in Jesus. Consider and contrast it with the first disciples whose call to follow was a literal call to take their whole life and follow Jesus, not simply agree to a set of rules or morals. It was their life laid down to follow.

How might God be calling to you as his follower today?

What might he have for you to do today? Will you drop everything and do it?

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you think people today get mixed up in what it means to follow? Why?

How can we help to promote following Jesus, not mere ‘religion’ or a set of beliefs?


  1. Jodi Getson

    I do think people get mixed up in what it means to be a follower. They sense to be a follower means to go to church, be religious, and follow a bunch of rules (which are mostly don’t’s). We just have to model and live our our own faith in alignment with how we feel Jesus wants us to live and hopefully others begin to see and do the same <3

  2. Ty

    Follow me. What does following Him look like you might ask? Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind, and, love others as you love yourself. Start with these two and watch where He takes you. Follow Him.