The Gospel of Mark 4

Friday July 3, 2020

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The focus for Jesus didn’t seem to be in convincing the crowds, but in equipping his followers to carry the kingdom forward. Jesus identified and called people to truly follow him, and then began to teach them so that they would bear fruit.

Francis teaches today how the parable of the soils illustrates that truth for us. He reminds us that cares, deceitfulness of riches, desires for other things—those all choke out the plans of God for our lives. The true follower, like the good soil, will bear fruit.

Today be reminded that you have a choice to make. For those who have given everything to follow Jesus, YOU WILL produce fruit.

OxNaz, it doesn’t matter our size. We want to be a body of believers who truly follow and produce kingdom fruit. Though we are small little town and online church family I know that we can, as followers of Jesus, be fruitful if we fully follow him today 😊

Let’s be that little scraggly group who changes the world!

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What do you think poses our biggest challenge to being true followers?