The Gospel of Mark 3

Thursday July 2, 2020 | 5 comments

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Imagine witnessing Jesus working during his time on earth? Imagine hearing him speak with authority, heal in such miraculous ways, and demonstrate his power.

Yet, with all the miracles and healings, he primarily addressed sin and he reached out to sinners. More than everything Jesus can do, help with, or heal—Jesus wants to cleanse hearts and make people right with a holy God. Imagine!

The deepest, most completely hidden wounds in your heart and your place of greatest brokenness, Jesus wants to address THAT place! That is what matters to him.

Consider privately for a moment, what are those places within you? Take a minute to receive the truth that Jesus can heal and, even more, he wants to heal you!

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Pleasing God is counter cultural. Jesus is part of a different kind of kingdom. The religious leaders couldn’t grasp it. Can you think of an example of how the world sees ‘normal’ one way, but as a follower of Jesus you see it another way?


  1. Karen B

    I love this story for many reasons. One reason is because it demonstrates that Jesus sees beyond our “ obvious “ needs and knows exactly what healing we actually need.
    I am also reminded that the one in need , didn’t get there for forgiveness and healing on his own. Friends carried him and lowered him through the roof and laid him before Jesus , that’s our job my friends. Great reminder that we all need to be followers of the way of Jesus and help those that can’t seem to find the way to Jesus on their own.

  2. Kim Rogers

    The world says that it is normal to be angry at someone who has wronged you and to retaliate and hate that person for as long as you want. The Christian tries to not be angry but lifts the issue to Jesus so he can take away that hurt and anger. He helps you to forgive their sins and plants a love in your heart. A yearning for the offender to turn from his actions of pain and to follow Jesus.

  3. Leah

    “Think about the hope that Jesus brought”…until then people had a very complicated way to try to make peace with God and then here was this guy demonstrating that not only could he heal bodies, he could heal spirits! He could heal everything! That’s transformational stuff right there! And, that same transformation power is available to all of us, no matter the extent of our shortcomings.

  4. Barbara Pringle

    Powerful statement in “Be a God pleaser, not a people pleaser”.


      Agree. Easy to say and yet not easy to do. 👌🏼