The Gospel of Mark 5

Saturday July 4, 2020 | 4 comments

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In this lesson Francis shares about how some people push Jesus away because of all that he demands of his followers; yet, others press in to touch him. Some like life as it is and they fear what following Jesus might mean to their lifestyle, others respond with faith and surrender.

Jesus allows us to choose. I say, “let’s follow hard after him!”

Jesus has demonstrated that he is in control of everything, he is with us and for us, and nothing is impossible for him. Today, he calls us to choose, yet, just as Francis pointed out, we are stuck having to beg people to follow him. It’s craziness! We totally should be begging Jesus to let us follow him.

Share Your Thoughts:

Why is it backwards?

Shouldn’t the world be pressing in to follow instead of us trying to beg people to fit Christ into their life?

Why is this the case?


  1. Laura R Murray

    Absolutely Amazing! To think that this same Jesus is not only available, but just waiting, for us to ask believing. “Calm this storm ” “Heal this illness” “Save this son/daughter of mine” . . . Lord Jesus Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.



  2. Karen Barclay

    I love him more and more every day. How blessed are we to have found our way to him, and yes, how crazy that we have to beg people to follow him. Never has it been so important that we pray for God to show us how to lead people to him. He will do the rest. Let’s be Christlike examples in such a way that people just have to know why we are different.