No Voice? No Problem!

by | Friday July 31, 2020 | 2 comments

Psalm 78:72
“So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart,
And guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.”

Last week I said “Instead of jumping in on opportunities…wait and pray”. This week I ask, after we’ve prayed, how do we know it’s His will to do something? Welp, here’s my ponderings on that.

Psalms 78:72 says “He guided them by the skillfulness of His hands”. I’ve often heard people say “I haven’t heard from God in a while” or “I’ve never heard from God so how will I know what to do?” Did that verse say anything about God speaking to us? Did that verse say anything about God using His voice at all? No, it did not. Now I hear the question, how will we know what to do if He doesn’t tell us? The answer is: follow the work of His hands.

It starts with prayer, as most things should. We seek Him and ask Him to close all the doors ahead of us that are not His will. As we walk down the long hallway of life, we will find that He has gone ahead of us and closed all the doors we are not to take. The Bible states “The Lord Himself will go before you” (Deut. 31:8). Doors that we might have wanted to take will be locked against us but don’t worry, as surely as I write this, we will find a door to be open. That is the door that we are to charge through with reckless abandon! That is the door that is ours, so take it! Do not hesitate at this point!

God often guides us by circumstance. One time something may look like it is not an option, but then something seemingly small to someone else will happen and that door will become wide open to us, so eyes open troops!

But, alas, there is a catch that will be hard for some to handle: God does not reward half trust, or half commitments. He will not simply show us His plan for our entire lives just because we don’t have the courage to trust Him or because we “need” a sign. No, we must show Him that we believe His promises for our lives, then will we be rewarded. God, the Master Navigator, knows our destination and how best to get us to it, all we need to do is follow the work of His hands.


  1. Danielle

    I like this. I have to make sure i’m fully committed though.

    • Peculiar Ploughman

      Yes Danielle, doubt is not our friend when it comes to our walk with Jesus and developing that relationship. We need to stand firm on the promises He makes and be confident in claiming them when required to do so!